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Since 2001, our chefs have been pushing the limits of Indian spices, fresh herbs and healthy ingredients. Dedicated to serving all palates, we have evolved a delicious menu. If you find the dish for you, there is no way you can stay quiet about it. Indian food in Britain has become part of our heritage. The curry scene is deeply rooted but Spice Lounge Express is pushing the envelope on quality - you will know it from the first bite.

Spice Lounge Express has been providing catering for birthdays and weddings in the Addlestone, Chertsey and Weybridge areas. Our food is challenging the status quo across Byfleet, Thorpe, Egham and Staines. From Longcross to Shepperton, our drivers are delivering smiles and good filling meals. Our Indian takout is loved in New Haw.

Recent Reviews

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"Makings of a Quality Curry"

They were mostly delicious. Nice big pieces of protein and proper veg. The sauces and spices were great! Very well done and promptly delivered.

Rod G, via Trip Advisor

A new take on Chicken Tikka Massala

Betty M, via Feedback

"Oh what a gem!"

I love my curries spicy and my husband likes them mild. I was surprised how delicious their dishes tasted. Some flavours you just don't know until you discover them.


We were with our previous curry house for 15 years but now we use Spice Lounge ALWAYS... The food is really very tasty, nice flavours and large portions... We have tried some unusual dishes - King Prawns in garlic (Jhinga Garlic), and the most amazing mushrooms in garlic (Chata Bashi). Give this place a go, you will not regret it!!

Rachael W, Ottershaw, via Trip Advisor

Proudly serving Addlestone, Weybridge, Thorpe. Chertsey, Staines, Ottershaw, New Haw, Longcross, Byfleet, Virginia Water

Changing your tastebuds. We use a significantly reduced amount of oil in our cooking, to strike the fine balance between authenticity and healthy diets. Cooked fresh daily, you really can taste the differnce. Local delivery available. While we are always as quick as possible, deliveries at busy periods are subject to traffic depending on your location. To browse our menu - see our ordering page.